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Our Team

Our agency is comprised of state, local, and federal officers who teach based on their experience.  All of our instructors are still currently working in the field of narcotics enforcement and/or SWAT teams.  Our agency also has several experienced attorneys on staff who teach and consult on current case law.

Our agency also provides consultation for units conducting undercover and / or proactive operations.  Our experts will review cases from the planning stages to the disposition, review policies to assure adherence with federal / state law and common practice amongst departments across the country, as well as provide recommendations for future successful and effective operations.


Courses Offered

Basic Undercover Narcotics Tactics

Advanced UC Narcotics Tactics & Agent Rescue

Advanced UC Narcotics Tactics

Undercover Officer Survival

Supervising Narcotics Agents

Reducing the Risks for Narcotics Agents & Units

Search Warrant Service

Parcel Interdiction & Delivery

Street Patrol Drug Enforcement

Criminal Patrol Interdiction

Critical Incident Management

See page titled "Courses" for a complete list



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Our Partners
High Profile Cases

"Operation Wild Wild East" Nets 58 arrests 

Undercover agents made in excess of 150 purchases of heroin and cocaine from individuals in the St. Louis Metro East Area.  Sentences in these arrests ranged from probation to 180 months in prison.

"Operation Royal Flush" Nets 14 arrests


Illinois Police Shut Down Motel That's 'Revolving Door' of Crime.  The hotel was being used as a front for drug dealing and prostitution.  The motel was seized and forfeited to the government.