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Our Expertise

We train local, state, and federal officers from across the country on undercover and tactical operations.  Our overall approval rate from attendees is 4.86 out of 5.0 (97%).  We will bring our agency to your location and provide the host agency with two free slots in the class.
Tactical Entry

8 hour course

Building clearing

Proper use of battering ram

Proper use of halligan tool

Proper use of shield

Tactical medical options

Clearing confined closets

Knock and Talk / Search Warrant Execution

4 hour course

Tactics helpful when attempting to obtain consent to search

Preparing a successful knock & talk investigation

Options for search warrant execution

Preparing and planning a search warrant

Current case law on knock & talks and search warrants

Vehicle Assaults

8 or 16 hour course

Proper approach to a vehicle assault

Extracting the violator from the vehicle

Proper positioning of officers involved

Crossfire considerations

Blocking techniques

Confidential Source Management

4 hour course

Properly documenting confidential sources

Proper use of confidential sources

Handling of confidential sources


Narcotic Investigations

8 hour course

Developing narcotic investigations

Preparing for successful prosecution

Working complex narcotic investigations

Preparing / executing search warrants

Developing / working confidential informants

Identify drug houses

Surveillance Techniques

8 hour course

Current surveillance techniques

Practical exercise in surveillance

Foot surveillance

Vehicle surveillance

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