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2023/2024 Schedule


















































Basic Undercover Narcotics Tactics

March 13th - March 17th, 2023: Gonzalez, Louisiana

April 24th - April 28th, 2023: Brewer, Maine

June 12th - June 16th, 2023: Milton, Florida

July 17th - July 24th, 2023: Swansea, Illinois

November 13th - November 17th, 2023: Naples, Florida

March 18th - March 22nd, 2024: Utah

July 15th - July 19th, 2024: Swansea, Illinois

Criminal Patrol Interdiction

Classes will be posted soon

Advanced Undercover Narcotics Tactics

May 8th - May 9th 2023: Las Cruces, New Mexico

June 26th - June 27th, 2023: Gonzalez, Louisiana

April 22nd - April 26th, 2024: Utah

Supervising Undercover Units

May 21st - May 23rd, 2024: Alpharetta, Georgia

June 11th - June 13th, 2024: Swansea, Illinois

Advanced Surveillance Techniques

Classes will be posted soon

Advanced Undercover Narcotics Tactics & Agent Rescue

April 22nd - April 26th, 2024: Taylorsville, Utah

October 7th - October 11th, 2024: Swansea, Illinois

Search Warrant Service

May 10th - May 12th, 2023: Las Cruces, New Mexico

May 7th - May 9th, 2024: Brunswick, Maine

May 14th - May 16th, 2024: Corpus Christi, Texas

Street Patrol Drug Enforcement

October 20th - October 21st, 2022: Bristol, Virginia

May 23rd - May 24th, 2023: Panama City Beach, Florida


Parcel Interdiction & Controlled Deliveries

April 27th - April 28th, 2022: Scottsbluff, Nebraska

October 4th - October 5th, 2022: Fultondale, Alabama

June 28th - June 29th, 2023: Gonzalez, Louisiana

Reducing the Risk for Narcotics Agents & Units

May 16th - May 17th, 2022: Gonzalez, Louisiana


"Best undercover school I've ever attended"

"Instructors are very knowledgeable"

"Very good and well organized class"

"Instructors are obviously experts in the field" "Great hands on training"

Hidalgo County                                  St. Louis County

Hillsborough County                           Utah Narc Officers Assoc

HSI                                                  Jackson County Mo Task Force

USPIS                                               MCTFT

Miami PD                                          Gulf Coast HIDTA

South Texas HIDTA                            San Antonio PD

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Participating Agencies

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