Our Expertise

We train local, state, and federal officers from across the country on undercover and tactical operations.  Our overall approval rate from attendees is 4.86 out of 5.0 (97%).  We will bring our agency to your location and provide the host agency with two free slots in the class.
Overhears in Illinois

4 hour course

Options for Illinois Overhears

Current Case law on overhears

Preparation / Execution of an overhear

Critical Incident Management 

8 hour course

Preparing for the Incident

Critical Incident Operational Plan

Handling the Incident

Managing the Aftermath

Intelligence Gathering

4 hour course

Databases available for criminal investigations

Social media searches

Searching of cellular phone

Cash transaction searches

Plus many more

Current Drug Trends

4 hour course

Current drug trends in our community

Proper handling of unknown substances


Safe handling of unknown substances

4 hour course

Identifying and handling of unknown substances

Proper packaging of unknown substances

Equipment available to lessen the exposure risk

Grants available for purchase of these instruments

Targeting Problem Areas

8 hour course

Identifying problem locations

Determining an objective


Resolving the problem

Open air drug dealing

Problem motels

Club raids