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Our Expertise

We train local, state, and federal officers from across the country on undercover and tactical operations.  Our overall approval rate from attendees is 4.86 out of 5.0 (97%).  We will bring our agency to your location and provide the host agency with two free slots in the class.
Search Warrant Service

24 hour course

Options for search warrant execution

Building clearing

Proper use of battering ram

Proper use of halligan tool

Proper use of shield

Tactical medical options

Practical exercises involving simunitions

Current case law on execution of search warrants

Clearing confined closets

Street Patrol Drug Enforcement

16 or 24 hour course   Missouri POST CERTIFIED

Targeting Problem Areas

Surveillance - Practical - applies to 24 hour course only

Search Warrants

C/S Management

Knock & Talks -Practicals

Traffic Stops

Drug Conspiracy Investigations

Club / Bar / Prostitution / Hotel Investigations

Street Level Reversals

Current Case Law

Videoing Interview / Interrogations

Goal Oriented Communication for Police

Surveillance Techniques & Advanced Surveillance Techniques

Surveillance Techniques

16 hour course

Practical - Debrief CS, locate, identify, follow suspect, identify source, identify stash locations, and additional suspects

Advanced Surveillance Techniques

40 hour course

Surveillance techniques curriculum plus:

Practical will include - surveillance on foot, interstate, urban areas, rural areas, parking garages, department stores, bars, etc.

Practical will include - surveillance on drug dealers, homicide suspect, burglary suspect, etc

Attendees will write  a detailed surveillance report based on observations

Basic Undercover Tactics

24 hour course

Undercover Tactics (Sex offenders, Murder for hires, Car theft rings, Prostitution, etc)

Advanced Surveillance Tactics

Practical Exercise will include: foot surveillance, vehicle surveillance, surveillance on the interstate, urban area, rural area, parking garages, department stores, bars, etc.


Parcel Interdiction & Delivery

16 hour course

Identifying suspicious packages

Options for delivery of suspicious packages

Consensual encounters

Search warrant execution options

Search warrant completion for buildings, packages, phones etc.

Criminal Patrol Interdiction

16 hour course - POST certified

Current Trends in Trafficking

Relevant Case Law

Body & Driving Language

Roadside Interviews

Signs of Deception & Clarifying Questions

Developing Suspicions

Consensual Encounters 

Compartment & Vehicle Searches

Commercial Motor Vehicles

Patrolling Local Establishments

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